Neurotherapy, also known as neurofeedback therapy, is a type of biofeedback that sense brainwaves and uses real-time feedback to help individuals regulate and optimize their brainwave activity. At Mind in Flow, we offer personalized neurotherapy services for clients wishing to optimize cognitive or athletic performance through teaching their brains to operate in optimal patterns. Our expert neurotherapists work with clients to identify specific areas of brainwave activity that need improvement that also overlap with expressed traits the client would like to improve.  The next step is developing targeted plan to train the brain. During neurotherapy sessions, electrodes are placed on the scalp to measure brainwave activity, which is then displayed on a computer screen in real-time. Through operant conditioning, the brain is offered reinforcement that nudges the brain over time towards a stable pattern of optimal function. Neurotherapy can be most effective when combined with coaching services to help clients develop strategies for long-term stress management and overall well-being. Our neurotherapy services are safe, non-invasive, and backed by scientific research. If you’re interested in learning more about how neurotherapy can help you achieve optimal brain function and well-being, contact Mind in Flow to schedule a free consultation.

Use games or your favorite streaming content to train based on your unique qEEG brain map with continuous monitoring and adjustment according to your perceived and measured progress.